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Is a great application or website for both Afghan customers and all Afghani companies equally.

AfghanBiz is available for Android and iPhone IOS in five languages.


About AfghanBiz:
Do you have a company and do not know how to market for it?

Do you have a company or small business but don’t have local or international customers?

Do you have a company but, it’s unknown locally and internationally?

Are you a small entrepreneur and want to grow up your small business to bigger?

Are you a small entrepreneur and want to work with all local and international Afghan companies?

Are you a small company owner and unable to pay the salary of dedicated employee for web designing and marketing.

Do you want to have a good webpage for your business but don’t know how to make it?

Do you want to have a good webpage for your business but it’s too expensive and hard to take care of it for a long time?

Are you searching for Afghan entrepreneurs network to work with together?

What can I sell on Afghan.biz?

Anything that matches the Afghan culture can be listed on AfghanBiz.

Does your company already has a website but it is hard to keep it secure from hackers?

Does your company already has a website but it made you tired to take care of it?

Does your company not findable on the internet and maps?

Does your company good but very weak digitally?

Are you a company owner but you don’t know how to market for it digitally?

Do you have a small business but want a modern and useful webpage like modern companies?

Are you living in a place most of these services are not available there?

Are you living in a place most of these services are too expensive there?

Why Afghan.biz is a very important website for all Afghan companies and entrepreneurs?

What are the benefits of Afghan.biz for companies and entrepreneurs?

What are the services that afghan.biz provide?

You will find the answers to all these questions down.

It means:
AfghanBiz is the network of Afghan companies, Afghan entrepreneurs and Afghan customers worldwide.

What are the benefits of Afghan.biz for an Afghan company or an Afghan entrepreneur?

There are a lot of benefits of AfghanBiz for Afghan companies and entrepreneurs.

1- Helping Afghans in improving their businesses by Connecting B2B or B2C.

This means:
B2B: Connecting Afghan companies to Afghan companies.
B2C: Connecting Afghan customers to Afghan companies.

2- Providing a modern high-tech webpage to every small, medium, and large size Afghan company at a very low cost. ( www.)

Save you from paying huge amounts of money, For example, more than 8 types of expenses.

A- Domain cost
B- Hosting cost
C- website designing cost
E- SSL certificate & CDN
F- Security expenses ( Wordfence.. )
G- Paid marketing on Google & social media networks (CPC, PPC…)
H- Free marketing. (Employee’s salary)
I- SEO costs
H – QR code for your webpage.

AfghanBiz will save you money and will bring you peace of mind by doing all these tasks instead of you.

The most important basic factors that a successful modern and developed business must possess are:

Having a modern website page and doing good digital marketing for your company through your website and social media (paid and free digital marketing).

But the problem is.
It’s very hard to manage and maintain them for a long period and do continuous digital marketing for it.

Because it needs employees for editing, security, payments for a domain, payments for hosting, and much more. Cost of paid and unpaid marketing because unpaid marketing also needs employees.

Don’t worry AfghanBiz will do these tasks for you and much more.

AfghanBiz makes communication easy between companies and customers or between companies and companies.

Ok, What are the benefits of communication between companies?

The important benefit of communication between two or more companies is:
They can deal with each other by referral commissions.

AfghanBiz makes finding other partner companies easy locally and internationally.

Afghan.biz has great and modern features like street view 360°, searching businesses around you, an easily downloadable pdf business for each company, direct calling and direct messaging, location, etc…

All these valuable services are available for an extremely low price in the shape of packages in Afghan.biz

We have special discounts on one-year, two years and three years packages for a limited period.

We do all these expensive services at a very low cost for you. ( a few cents per day)

Afghan.biz is the best option for Afghan entrepreneurs and consumers.

AfghanBiz is the best companion for every afghan traveler and company owner locally and internationally.

Afghan.biz helps you to find all kinds of Afghan companies easily to work with them as an agent or as a broker worldwide.

Connecting Afghan buyers and companies locally and internationally to improve their businesses and bring more digital facilities to their lives like other nations.


The importance of  AfghanBiz for every Afghan:

Take Afghanistan with you in your pocket wherever you travel!

How it could be possible?
With AfghanBiz you can find Afghan products, foods, services, or companies worldwide or in Afghanistan.
For example:
Afghan traditional foods, Afghan traditional clothes, Afghan shops, Afghan restaurants, Afghan businesses, Afghan entrepreneurs, Afghan hotels, Afghan apartments for rent or for sale Afghan money transfer and currency exchange, Afghan companies, and much more.

Therefore, AfghanBiz is very important or must-have for every Afghan traveler.

Our goal is to digitize every Afghans life inside Afghanistan or outside Afghanistan while traveling like other nations.

With AfghanBiz you can work as one of our partners from anywhere at any time having a good salary.

As well as, AfghanBiz is one of the social efforts to gather scattered Afghans together.

Our vision in brief:

A- Connecting B2B or B2C
This means connecting Afghan companies to Afghan companies or Afghan customers to Afghan companies.

B- Providing advanced modern webpage inside the AfghanBiz network to every Afghan company.

C- Providing low-cost webpage and digital marketing services.


Thanks, FRF20.com for turning our dreams into reality.